What to Wear?!

So you've been invited to a wedding... YAY! Now, what do you wear?! It seems a significant amount of people (and I'm talking just the few weddings I've worked at / been to in the past couple of months) have NO idea what proper wedding attire etiquette is! I've seen everything from clubbing dresses (c'mon girls, there's grandmas present)to painters jeans and a t-shirt. So here's a couple of hints for what to wear to a wedding:

Garden Weddings:
A longer shift dress, maybe with an open back or pretty embellishments - Something comfortable to be outside in

Chapel to Reception:
A strapless dress, something simple and classic, pair with a blazer or cardigan for the church

Cocktail Weddings:
An elegant wrap dress in a funky colour or with sequins - play it up with accessories

Some other helpful hints:
Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Ladies, avoid ultra-mini skirts, and be sure to bring something to cover your shoulders (especially if you're going to be in a church)... Modesty goes a long way.

If the invitation states a dress code - Follow it!

Bring a pair of roll up flats for when your heels start to make your feet bleed - but avoid flip flops, we're not at the beach!

Do. Not. Wear. White.

Advice courtesy of Huffinton Post.
Do you have more wedding attire hints or faux pas that guests should be aware of? Let me know!

xo Kat

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