Katrina Kostin // Lovely Little Things

My name is Katrina... or Kat.
Thank you for stopping by, I'll tell you a little bit about myself!
I have a background in graphic design and marketing (both of which I studied at Seneca College) and have been working in both fields on a freelance basis since 2011.
I tend to focus primarily on the print side of design with a simple and minimalistic approach to my creations.

I attempt to translate my passion for minimalism into all of my coodination and planning work.

I aim to find simplicity, elegance and functionality of every day objects and ideas to make them uniquely beautiful.
I am a WPIC certified wedding coordinator based out of the GTA.

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Graphic Design | Marketing | Event Planning

staying connected is lovely.
katrinakostin@gmail.com | 416.903.0100

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