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What to Wear?!

So you've been invited to a wedding... YAY! Now, what do you wear?! It seems a significant amount of people (and I'm talking just the few weddings I've worked at / been to in the past couple of months) have NO idea what proper wedding attire etiquette is! I've seen everything from clubbing dresses (c'mon girls, there's grandmas present)to painters jeans and a t-shirt. So here's a couple of hints for what to wear to a wedding:

Garden Weddings:
A longer shift dress, maybe with an open back or pretty embellishments - Something comfortable to be outside in

Chapel to Reception:
A strapless dress, something simple and classic, pair with a blazer or cardigan for the church

Cocktail Weddings:
An elegant wrap dress in a funky colour or with sequins - play it up with accessories

Some other helpful hints:
Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Ladies, avoid ultra-mini skirts, and be sure to bring something to cover your shoulders (especially if you're going to be in a church)... Modesty goes a long way.

If the invitation states a dress code - Follow it!

Bring a pair of roll up flats for when your heels start to make your feet bleed - but avoid flip flops, we're not at the beach!

Do. Not. Wear. White.

Advice courtesy of Huffinton Post.
Do you have more wedding attire hints or faux pas that guests should be aware of? Let me know!

xo Kat

Wedding Planners Institute of Canada - Code of Ethics

As a certified WPIC Alumni I am held to higher standards than "regular" planners in the industry.
All graduates from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada must abide and uphold the following Code of Ethics:

We do not accept kickbacks (money for referrals) from vendors.
Vendors must know that the clients are the recipients of any discounts given.

We treat each client fairly, and we will be honest and upfront in the representation of our clients.
We uphold our ethics. We will not take or attempt to take clients from, or discredit, other vendors with gossip or slander.

Every client will receive a detailed contract for Wedding Day Direction, Destination or Full Wedding Coordination services.

We will provide all services agreed upon in the contract that must be signed by both the client and Coordinator at the commencement of service.

We believe in continuous education, networking and training within the Wedding Industry.

Our pricing is upfront and industry comparable.

We will make every effort to return calls and emails in a timely manner. (Within 48 hrs.)

We always endeavour to benefit our client and not ourselves. Vendors are suggested on merit, in the best interests of the client,
not ourselves or the vendor suggested.

We can not guarantee your wedding will be perfect, but we can guarantee we will do everything within our power to make sure it is
as close to perfection as it can be.

Location, Location, Location!

Check out this post by hug (The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide)listing the Top 10 Wedding Venues in Toronto!

I firmly agree with #1... If you know me (even if you don't, you're about to find out) -- I. Love. Steamwhistle. And I'm not even talking about the beer - yet - I went on a tour of the brewery and decided that if I could, I would move in there. The company culture, positivty of the employees and GORGEOUS event space make it a trifecta of amazing. And then on top of that they've got their fantastic beer, which, somehow tastes better after you get to watch it brew and get bottled.

JUST LOOK AT THAT! (Images courtesy of Wedding Bells and

xo Kat

So your big day is coming up - HOW on earth do you prepare not only mentally, but physically?!

The Wedding Channel created a bridal-beauty-breakdown (try saying that 10 times fast) that outlines the best way to have a bridal glow on your big day!

6 Months Before

Begin your search for a hairstylist and/or makeup artist you like and trust.
Have all your haircut and color experiments done now.
Begin weekly deep conditioning treatments.
Consult a dermatologist for skin problems.
Research and invest in a skin-care regimen.
Work out to improve overall energy level and confidence.
If possible, indulge in a monthly facial.
If you have light or bleached hair, limit or avoid contact with heavily chlorinated water.

5 Months Before

If your nails are short, begin growing them out or consider acrylic tips and silk wraps.
If possible, start monthly manicures and pedicures.

4 Months Before

With your wedding dress in mind, work out target areas: decolletage, arms, and waist.

3 Months Before

Have your hair trimmed every four to six weeks.
Make an appointment to preview your wedding hairdo.
Make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned the week before your wedding.

2 Months to 6 Weeks Before

If you are planning to wear acrylic nails, experiment with lengths now.
Research and schedule teeth bleaching.
Research and schedule trial makeup sessions with your makeup artist.
Research and schedule trial hair session, complete with veil and headpiece, with your hairstylist.

1 Month Before

Have a trial makeup session with your makeup artist.
Have a trial hair session, complete with veil and headpiece, with your hairstylist.
Start drinking plenty of water -- eight glasses a day, at least!
If you are coloring or perming your hair for the wedding, do so now.
Purchase and test your wedding day skin, hair, and makeup products.

2 Weeks Before

Have a facial (only if you've had them regularly).
Have your hair cut or trimmed.
Touch up your hair color or highlights.
Keep drinking plenty of water.
Go to bed an hour earlier than usual every night.

1 Week to 10 Days Before

Have your eyebrows shaped.
Have your upper lip waxed.
Have a bikini wax.
Call your hairstylist and find out when you should wash or deep condition your hair. If you do so just before your wedding, your hair may be "too clean" to style, particularly if you are wearing an updo.
Have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist.

1 Day Before

Have a manicure and pedicure.
Have a massage.
Gently exfoliate or polish your skin, especially your decolletage and arms.
Apply extra moisturizer -- everywhere!
Take a nap.
Drink two extra glasses of water.
Prepare a beauty emergency kit containing:

-Lip gloss
-Cotton swabs
-Cotton balls
-Makeup remover
-Bobby pins
-Hair spray
-Translucent powder
-Brush and comb
-Eye drops
-Nail polish

Your Wedding Day

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
Eat nourishing, healthy meals. Have light, healthy, and nonstaining snacks on hand for you and your bridesmaids while you get ready.
Take plenty of deep breaths.
Smile -- you're getting married!

I hope this helps! Any other suggestions? Let me know!

xo Kat

We've all grown accustomed to the usual songs played at weddings like Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss a Thing and Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful (not that there is anything wrong with the classics!), that being said the trend of stepping outside the box to make weddings that unique experience is starting to affect couple's music choices as well.

Check out this great list of indie and alternative wedding songs put together by one of Toronto's newest radio stations, Indie88! Click the picture below to view the article!

Have some suggestions of your own? Let me know!


xo Kat

When starting a portfolio for wedding... or really any special events planning when you have little to no experience planning events on your own, it can be challenging trying to figure out what to include to show potential clients. The Planner's Lounge has some great tips for setting up a portfolio!

Being a graphic designer, I'm obviously going to be super meticulous about the physical layout of my portfolio and the way in which it is presented... As great as laptops and tablets are, it's probably beneficial to have a physical printed portfolio! Vistek has some sleek and straight up sexy (yes, I just called a book sexy) portfolios! Make sure when picking out a portfolio to show to your clients it somewhat matches your personal style as well as your "planning style." Naturally, my portfolio is matte... and grey. Check her out here!

First off... Hello! Thank you for stopping by - I really really (like really) appreciate it!

For this first post I just wanted to give a shout out to a great planner that I have had the opportunity to work with on two seperate occasions for two simply outstanding weddings! Please check out Ruby Refined Events! I am so grateful that Sidra has chosen me to be her assistant twice now and working these weddings with her has confirmed that I have indeed chosen the right career path for myself.

I'll be updating this blog with inspiration ideas, thoughts and industry related ramblings!

xo Kat

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